QuickCap 7

Simplify your healthcare workflow processes, accelerate your clinical data procedures and improve your financial outcomes with a combined set of solutions.

QuickCap is the comprehensive solution to your operational needs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Health Plan & Provider Contracting

Claims Adjudication Processes

Medical Authorization Procedures

Referral Management Processes

Care Co-Ordination Services

Case Management Services

Health Care Co-Ordination Services

Business Data Analytics

The Solution to Better Healthcare Management

Why get QuickCap 7?

QuickCap is a web application software that is designed to handle the different workflows related to healthcare payer services, so that healthcare-payer service providers can meet multiple operational needs with one solution.

QuickCap gives you the tools for your population health management services

  • Healthcare workflow tools
  • Care coordination tools
  • Claims adjudication system
  • Medical referral processing
  • Workflow automation features

With its broad set of features, QuickCap is a single solution that works for organizations, like Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHOs), Managed Service Organization (MSOs), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and more.With QuickCap, you can secure your work with the latest healthcare management technology that’s easy to update for the latest healthcare standards.

Store and process data in a system that matches your daily operations.

With QuickCap, you get a customizable web portal where you can easily upload, store and process all your essential business data. When you can manage all your data in a single system, you can maintain a faster and hassle-free workflow.



Manage your workflow the way you want to.

  • Maximize data flow with our customizable electronic data interchange (EDI) features. With its rule-based configurations, you can manage and categorize all your data to fit your operational needs.
  • Control the access rights and features for different types of users. You can choose the roles and access rights of users for better management and security.
  • Customize your dashboards to show the essential information that your teams need. So you can track their workflow and they can delegate tasks more efficiently.
  • Rely on accurate value-based healthcare reimbursement configurations.
  • Set up timeliness alerts for clinical and administrative processes.


Create a system that works for you.

  • Automate your claims, authorizations and referral processes to reduce your manual workload. Configurable automation rules let you auto-adjudicate claims easier; and process or reroute your authorizations, referrals and claims according to your requirements.
  • Accurately calculate capitations and immediately process reports.
  • Automatically update important codes and eligible members.
  • Improve population health risk stratification with automated clinical alerts.


Generate reports that matter to you.

  • Foresee possible organizational and medical expenses with a built-in predictive analytics feature.
  • Make the right decisions with comprehensive risk stratification tools such as health risk stratification, patient risk stratification, population health risk stratification and more.
  • Easily determine the profitability of providers, health plans and organizations.
  • Improve utilization management with comprehensive analytic data.
  • Quickly generate the necessary reports for audits.